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Are your results disappointing or do you simply want to increase your revenues? Our Growth Audits give you quick insight into the most important areas for improvement. Low effort, High impact!

We help you achieve your goal: maximum relevant traffic for minimal investment. #wegotyourback

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What do I get out of the Growth Audits?

Quickly understand opportunities and risks.

After an audit, you will have insight into the opportunities, areas for improvement and quick wins in a clear report. This allows you to quickly improve your results without too much hassle. Below are the available options.

SEA Quick Scan

We dive into your Google Ads account in which we use a structural approach to understand whether the current SEA setup is maximizing your bottom line. After this audit, it is clear which aspects of the current SEA structure are hindering your business growth and what you need to implement to make it more profitable from your media budget.





SEA Audit

In this in-depth inspection of your SEA channels, we go through the account with a structural approach. What is the difference between a SEA Quick Scan and a SEA Audit? With the quick scan, you get insight into where the areas for improvement are. In the sea audit you get insight into what exactly what is wrong with the setup in a clear report, including recommendations for implementation, and an (online) consultation with one of our specialists.


Growth Package

The Growth Package consists of the SEA Audit mentioned opposite and a comprehensive SEO audit. A report describes in detail which aspects of SEA & SEO need improvement and what needs to be done to take them to the next level. This report includes an (online) consultation with one of our specialists.




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