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Reach millions of potential buyers on Marketplaces.

Of all consumers, 53% make purchases three or more times a month through a marketplace, such as Amazon and Zalando. The question for a shop owner or retailer is no longer whether to connect, but how and when. DEA.Amsterdam helps retailers digitize their business and connect to relevant marketplaces.

DEA.Amsterdam helps you take full advantage of the growing popularity of marketplaces. #wegotyourback

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Marketplace services

We make sure you trade successfully on marketplaces. From A to Z.

Successful trading on marketplaces requires knowledge, attention and a lot of time from entrepreneurs. Our marketplace team helps entrepreneurs by taking specialized work off their hands, so they can focus on other priorities.



E-commerce is shifting toward marketplaces at a very rapid pace. In 2021 it will account for 58%, in 2023 it is expected that 75% of all e-commerce trade will be done within marketplaces. That you as a webshop owner need to step in is crystal clear, but you are immediately faced with a mountain of choices. You are not alone: DEA.Amsterdam helps you see the forest for the trees. #wegotyourback



Marketplaces are hot and are increasingly both start and end points of the buyer journey. Acting on marketplaces is as complex as it is lucrative. Which tooling do you choose, which marketplaces do you have your sights on? In all our work, we ensure that complexity is taken care of so that our clients can get off to a worry-free start. A successful onboarding is essential for a successful start on marketplaces. #wegotyourback



More than half of online consumers make three or more purchases through marketplaces such as Amazon, or Marktplaats. Marketplaces are hot: the sky is the limit. Using them effectively is our business. With Marketplace Advertising, we help webshops seize the opportunities that marketplaces offer. Be optimally visible. Sell more with our help. #wegotyourback



Digital marketing requires continuous attention on ongoing campaigns. Responding to current events. Responding to competition. Our campaigns are successful because we automate without losing human attention. Acting on marketplaces requires the same approach. Our experts steer for maximum margin and optimal sales every day. So you can focus on the upcoming growth of your business #wegotyourback


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We are here to make entrepreneurial dreams come true. To help marketers perform better. To create lasting connections. Among ourselves. With our clients. With our partners. Especially between brands and people. Take the first step and contact us without obligation #wegotyourback

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