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True attention from your target audience through smart digital advertising.

Putting companies in the crosshairs of their target audience: that's what our team of experts accomplishes daily for 75+ clients in Retail, Travel & Leisure. We work with the best tech partners on effective digital advertising campaigns that get consumers moving

That's digital advertising by DEA.Amsterdam #wegotyourback

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The digital customer journey begins here

Generating curiosity is our business. Getting people moving is our passion.

Consumers are confronted with thousands of commercial messages every day. This commercial noise requires ads that do stand out. Make them curious. Incite action. In addition to our work in marketplaces and automation, DEA.Amsterdam moves tens of millions of consumers every year with digital advertising.


Search Engine Advertising

Human beings are naturally curious. Search engines help us quench our endless thirst for information. Advertising on Google and Bing helps you get in front of your future customers. We help you reach your goal: maximum relevant traffic for a minimal investment. #wegotyourback


Social Media Advertising

Targeted advertising in those places where your target audience feels at home. Relaxed. Communicates with their relations. Discovering new products. DEA.Amsterdam helps you set the right tone, with attractive ads that arouse curiosity among potential customers and look-a-likes. DEA.Amsterdam makes sure you make an impact. #wegotyourback


Programmatic Advertising

Advertising on the busiest websites: Programmatic (display) Advertising makes it possible. It is a proven effective way to promote your brand, product or service to an audience of millions. DEA.Amsterdam optimizes brand awareness and conversion rates with smart rich media on relevant websites. #wegotyourback


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We are here to make entrepreneurial dreams come true. To help marketers perform better. To create lasting connections. Among ourselves. With our clients. With our partners. Especially between brands and people. Take the first step and contact us without obligation #wegotyourback

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