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Digital Engagement begins between Den Helder and Texel.

The VVV Texel was founded in 1898, anno 2020 they use the most modern targeting techniques to provide tourists with the best information about the most diverse island of the Netherlands. The fun begins on the ferry from Den Helder to Texel.

DEA.Amsterdam and VVV Texel: a sustainable and valuable cooperation #wegottheirback

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The challenge

Hyper targeted advertising for increased interaction, store visits and sales.

How do you make sure you attract the right attention for your organization even during the boat trip from Den Helder to Texel? How do you get tourists to visit your location in Den Burg to learn all about the largest Dutch island?

How do you exclude Texel's residents, to be sure your campaigns are reaching the right people: the tourists? The campaign for VVV Texel required several strategies based on different target audiences. DEA.Amsterdam created those and came up with a rock-solid campaign.

The solution

Smart use of social media targeting options.

20 minutes. That's how long the boat trip from Den Helder to the Wadden Island of Texel takes. Time for some self-reflection, time for a sandwich: absolutely time to go through your social media: the perfect time to put VVV in the picture.

DEA.Amsterdam devised a clever social media campaign triggered by geolocation: the sailing route between the mainland and the Wadden Island as well as on the island itself. Relevance was increased by only targeting tourists: you don't have to convince real Texelaars of the possibilities the island has to offer.

Approach & outcome

This campaign continues to move people.

KPI Facebook campaign

KPI Instagram campaign

KPI Site visits Den Burg

DEA.Amsterdam devised a campaign that put the VVV Texel in perfect focus with their target audience: island visitors. By using smart targeting options within Facebook and Instagram, the relevance of the campaign increased.

DEA.Amsterdam deployed different copy and design to properly serve the different age groups. Engagement was increased, extra bookings were realized and the VVV location in Den Burg has been visited significantly more ever since.

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VVV Texel enjoys working with DEA.Amsterdam. They do more than they promise and know how to use new developments in digital marketing efficiently for us.

Peter Nederstigt
Peter Nederstigt
E-Commerce Manager VVV Texel


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