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Next level digital advertising for, the largest webshop for onesies in the Netherlands and Belgium, chose a strategic partnership with digital engagement agency DEA.Amsterdam in 2020. Since then, the numbers have been going through the roof.

DEA.Amsterdam & Onesieskopen. #wegottheirback

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The challenge

Make it work.

DEA.Amsterdam was challenged by take our Digital Advertising to the next level. was looking for an agency that could contribute on a strategic level to the professionalization of the current digital advertising channels. In addition, they were open to concrete opportunities to deploy other channels. The ultimate goal was twofold: on the one hand more insight into and improving the measurability of conversions, on the other hand improving the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). DEA.Amsterdam came up with the solution with excellent results.

The solution

Restructuring Google Ads and tapping into new channels.

The solution started with a comprehensive audit on the Google Ads campaigns in combination with available Google Analytics data. This immediately rolled out a number of clear next steps. The entire Google Ads structure was improved and other relevant topics were packed into additional campaigns. A Smart Bidding strategy was then deployed for all campaigns, matching Onesieskopen's objectives.

DEA.Amsterdam, in order to increase the reach of, set up Facebook and Instagram Advertising based on dynamic prospecting and retargeting. By deploying a complete omnichannel strategy, the right message is shown to the right target group at the right time. By deploying A/B/C testing, maximum returns are now being realized.

Finally, the CSS (Comparison Shopping Service) platform Producthero provides the solution for a top position in Google Shopping. This implementation and feed optimization improve bidding power, allowing Onesieskopen to win over the competition.

Approach & outcome

Significant increase in both paid and organic conversions.

Increase in conversion %

Decline CPA

ROAS increase

The Google Ads conversion rate increased by 80% and the cost per conversion decreased by a whopping 104%. By targeting the right audience at the right time, the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) increased by 114%. Huge growth at minimal cost.

Combined with multiple digital advertising channels, interest in has increased exponentially. Google Analytics proves that not only the results within paid advertising have improved significantly, but also the organic and direct results have improved significantly. A total revenue growth of 132% was achieved.


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