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50% view rate for branding campaign Groendus

By testing different video formats for Groendus, the view rate on YouTube increased by as much as 50%. And that's tasty, because: the higher the viewing percentage, the higher the audience engagement. A successful branding campaign for Groendus, in other words.

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The challenge

High view rate for complex story

Groendus is an all-in-one renewable energy partner for corporate America, with a mission of 100% clean energy, anytime and for everyone.

For Groendus, a high view rate is essential. The topic is too complex to convey the message within 5 seconds. In addition, the call-to-action at the end of the video is very important. So the goal is that as many people as possible watch the video to the end. A fun challenge!

The solution

Testing, testing, testing

Are you curious about how the right video format and targeted targeting are keys to success, and how applying strategic insights resulted in a remarkable increase in audience engagement?

We take you through our journey from branding flight 1 to 3 and the crucial lessons we learned along the way.

Read more and download the detailed case description!

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I am proud that together with DEA we have shown such great results in video & branding in a fairly short period of time! Really not amiss for a relatively new brand within the B2B energy industry.

Lisanne Driessens
Lisanne Driessens
Online marketer