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Data analytics, retargeting and focus on digital engagement for Gladskin.

Gladskin was developed by Micreos Human Health, a human-centered biotechnology company and pioneer in the development of safe and targeted antibacterial technology. DEA.Amsterdam has long worked on digital marketing campaigns that increase Gladskin's market share.

DEA.Amsterdam & Micreos. #wegottheirback

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The challenge

Increase Market Share and Return On Investment.

DEA.Amsterdam was challenged by Micreos: find the ultimate balance in increasing market share without saturating the target audience, resulting in a drop in results. Also, the brand image in the communication and sending the right message at the right time is extremely important. Quality at Gladskin is paramount, so too in the advertisements and appearance of their brand. DEA.Amsterdam came up with the solution and excellent results as a result.

The solution

Target group analysis and entirely new campaign structure.

The solution lay in Social Media Advertising. Together with SocialDatabase, a target group analysis was made of current customers from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden and France. This data was combined with the data SocialDatabase has available to create new target groups and push them to the Facebook Business Manager. Competitors, current website visits, customer lifetime value and product features were also taken into account.

DEA.Amsterdam then provided advice on the use of the right content and determined the campaign structure and ad texts using Google 's See, Think, Do, Care strategy. By using this strategy, the right message is shown to the target group at the right time, and by using A/B/C testing, we get maximum efficiency and results from the campaigns.

Approach & outcome

More conversions at a lower cost per conversion.

Growth conversion %

Growth ROAS

Decline CPA

Conversion rate grew by 85% and cost per conversion dropped a whopping 69%. By communicating more relevantly with the target audience, the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) has grown by as much as 403%.

Combined with other (offline and online) marketing channels, we see interest in Gladskin increasing exponentially on Google Trends. The campaigns are ready to grow further and support the growth of Gladskin's market share worldwide.

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We have had a very good cooperation with DEA.Amsterdam for several years now. They are proactive and always willing to go the extra mile!

Maurice Offerhaus
Maurice Offerhaus
Director E-Commerce


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