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26.7% more online revenue through Customer Data Platform deployment.

Gladskin was developed by Micreos Human Health, a human-centric biotechnology company and pioneer in the development of safe and targeted antibacterial technology. DEA.Amsterdam achieved significant revenue growth through a data-first strategy and the successful implementation of Datatrics, a Dutch-based CDP.

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The challenge

Increase conversion rate and average order value.

DEA.Amsterdam challenged Gladskin to get more return from current website visitors. Here, brand appearance and the right tone of voice are important for activating and convincing the target group. Skincare is a fast growing market with an average growth of 20% year on year. By deploying various online marketing channels, Gladskin is increasing its market share; the challenge DEA.Amsterdam has just taken up is to improve the conversion of website visitors, both in numbers and average values.

The solution

Deployment Customer Data Platform (CDP).

DEA.Amsterdam deployed the Customer Data Platform Datatrics to achieve the objective. Through a Proof of Concept period of 4 months and a data-first strategy, various use cases were developed to create the most complete 360-degree customer profile possible. Based on these profiles and use cases, website personalization and embedded content was applied in various journeys and touchpoints. The Datatrics platform was chosen because of its extensive linking capabilities with Gladskin's most commonly used tools, as well as the lasting partnership DEA.Amsterdam has with Datatrics.

Approach & outcome

Automated optimization with significant results.

Growth in conversion from A/B testing

Growth in average order value

Growth in revenue from website

By applying various persuasion techniques and Cialdini principles in the Datatrics journeys, the campaigns achieved very good results. Embedded website personalization touchpoints achieve an average of 29% more conversion, where specific repeat purchase campaigns targeting someone's specific purchase drives over 49% more conversion.

It also personalizes the website based on new and returning visitors, increasing conversion by 22% and 41%, respectively. By tailoring communications to the target audience and type of visit, the website converts better.


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