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Effective YouTube & display ads for Garmin based on "See Think Do Care.

A solar-powered smartwatch: the sustainable solution from Garmin for fans of extreme sports, fitness and more. DEA.Amsterdam was asked by Garmin to develop a smart display marketing campaign for the launch of the Garmin Solar smartwatch line.

DEA.Amsterdam & Garmin. #wegottheirback

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The challenge

Claiming a stable top 3 position in the Smartwatch domain.

Garmin was founded in 1989 in Kansas, United States. It is the leading global manufacturer of navigation and GPS, developing innovative products that can be used in cars, aircraft, vessels, nature and while exercising. Garmin is committed to sustainability by developing premium products that align with the passions and important activities in their customers' lives. Characteristic of their culture: eerness, integrity and respect for employees, customers and business partners. We share those values.

Smartwatches have grown in popularity over the past decade. They are often used as fitness trackers, but also as smartphone entertainment or "companions" for communication. DEA.Amsterdam was asked by Garmin to create a programmatic advertising campaign to support their mission: to claim the top 3 position in the Smartwatch domain. Our joint mission: to prove Youtube and programmatic advertising as a valuable addition to the current marketing arsenal.

The solution

See Think Do Care

DEA.Amsterdam used Google's 'See Think Do Care' principle for this product launch. This clever STDC model helped us design the campaigns for Garmin based on the different stages a consumer may be in, so that Garmin's personalized message is always "spot-on.

We providedand smart setup of platforms such as Google Display Network and YouTube. DEA.Amsterdam conducted extensive research into the behavior of the target audience, including extreme sports enthusiasts. Viewed videos were followed up with longer, inspiring videos of Garmin's new product line through marketing automation. Automatic bidding strategies were applied, matching the specific campaign strategy (visibility, recognition or purchase).

Approach & outcome

Forever on the map.

Commercial 25% viewed

Commercial 100% viewed

Interested in Garmin Solar products

YouTube ads are shown prior to but also while viewing other content. YouTube's specific targeting options ensured that we targeted exactly the right audience and showed exactly the content that took them to the next stage.

The campaign generated 8.5 million impressions with a view-through rate of over 76%. The cost for an average view-through conversion was 280% lower than regular Shopping campaigns. In Google Trends, we saw a significant increase in interest in Garmin's smartwatches in the Netherlands. The campaign put Garmin on the map as a smartwatch supplier for good: Garmin is now the2nd largest smartwatch brand worldwide.


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Bart Zijderlaan
Bart Zijderlaan
Online Trade Marketer Garmin


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