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More bidding power at lower cost for Garmin Shopping.

Google Shopping: compete with the big players and pay less? That is the challenge Garmin has set for DEA.Amsterdam and we have taken up the challenge with passion.

DEA.Amsterdam & Garmin. #wegottheirback

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The challenge

Claiming a top 3 display position with over 50 competitors.

Garmin was founded in 1989 in Kansas, United States. It is the leading global manufacturer of navigation and GPS. Garmin also develops innovative products that can be used in cars, aircraft, vessels, nature and while exercising. Garmin strives to develop the most premium products, matching the passion and important activities in its customers' lives. Characteristic of the corporate culture: eerness, integrity and respect for employees, customers and business partners. We share these values.

At the start of the cooperation between DEA.Amsterdam and Garmin, it was immediately apparent that the smartwatch market is a very competitive and competitive market. Mainly large retailers such as Coolblue, Mediamarkt, and later also Amazon competed heavily in Google Ads, which prevented a top position of Garmin on Google Shopping.

DEA.Amsterdam was asked by Garmin to optimize its Google Shopping campaigns, without paying top dollar, in support of its mission: to claim the top 3 position in the Smartwatch domain.

The solution

Smart Shopping and a rock-solid bidding strategy plan.

DEA.Amsterdam used the CSS (Comparison Shopping Service) platform Producthero in combination with several Smart Shopping campaigns, a bidding strategy plan and an ambitious ROAS target. This allows Garmin to benefit from qualitative shopping campaigns as well as purchasing advantages.

We provided a seamless setup in Producthero and the setup of several Smart Shopping campaigns per relevant Smartwatch theme. All campaigns have their own objective and matching (bidding) strategy. In combination with Producthero Optimizer, Garmin's product feed was optimized to counter the competition.

Approach & outcome

Stable at the top.

Lower CPC

More conversions

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After a 2-week learning period, we could already see a clear difference in performance. We brought in significantly more impressions and clicks at over 15% lower cost per click. By bringing in more clicks, 25% more conversions were achieved. Through the efficiency improvements in the campaigns, Garmin is now stable in the top 3 in the auction insights.


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The team at DEA.Amsterdam knows how to exceed our expectations around digital advertising every time.

Bart Zijderlaan
Bart Zijderlaan
Online Trade Marketer Garmin


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