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Renewed strategy for Eurocamp: sales increase 250%

Eurocamp has been providing unforgettable vacations in Europe's most beautiful regions for 40 years, and DEA.Amsterdam has been working on clever digital marketing campaigns for this market leader of luxury camping vacations for more than 15 years.

2020 and 2021 were also dominated by Covid-19 for Eurocamp. The pandemic demanded improvisation, anticipation and action. With a renewed strategy, we put the campaigns on the right track.

DEA.Amsterdam & Eurocamp #wegottheirback

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The challenge

Optimal use of available data.

Eurocamp used a manual CPC (cost-per-click) bidding strategy in which a maximum amount is set for the cost of a click on a Eurocamp ad. The advantage of manual CPC is full control over bids and the campaign but on the other hand, it does not use all the user data Google has and you can only use the data from Google Ads to determine your CPC amount.

The user data at Google's disposal contributes enormously to the performance of the Google Ads campaign: the main reason for switching from manual-CPC to a Target-ROAS bidding strategy. Target-ROAS (return-On-Advertisement-Spend) is a smart bidding strategy in which Google uses a large set of user data in which only the users with the highest possible chance of conversion are targeted making it more likely that you will achieve target-ROAS.

DEA.Amsterdam advised to make the switch in bidding strategy with respect to its business goals, to make the switch from manual to an automatic bidding strategy in order to get more return from online ads (and save a lot of time) and to make this switch as soon as possible in connection with the rapidly increasing number of bookings due to the ever-changing corona situation and a possible lifting of the recent lockdown.

The solution

Successful deployment of the Hagakure method in Google Ads.

DEA.Amsterdam began with a strategic session to arrive at a new smart-bidding strategy, including the ideal target ROAS percentage, determined by several A/B tests. After this the campaign setup was improved by the Hagakure-method.

This method offers a new Google Ads structure by making full use of machine learning: data is collected by Google after which the Google algorithm can work with broad keywords that allow reach a much larger group through a combination of automation and machine learning.

Further increased measurability and insights into the success of the campaigns by implementing enhanced conversions. This increases the the measurability of campaign data. First-party customer data is securely shared with Google and compared with user data and consent mode. This makes conversions more measurable. DEA.Amsterdam ensured that the above was delivered in record time in Corona time amid a huge increase in search volume and bookings.

Approach & outcome

Google Search revenue increase: 250%

Increase in ROAS

Increase Conversion %

Revenue increase

The switch in bidding strategy delivered excellent results. The ROAS increased by 140%, meaning more revenue from the available ad budget. Also, the Google Ads conversion rate (the number of conversions per ad interaction) increased by 65%.

The entire project has ensured that sales from Google Ads has grown by 250%. The strategy has worked and Eurocamp has a future-proof Search Engine Advertising strategy that will benefit them for a long time to come.


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DEA.Amsterdam is the digital advertising partner that Eurocamp has been building on for years. Good support to the internal team, up-to-date knowledge sharing and nice people to work with. I see them more as colleagues than as suppliers.

Niels Jansen
Niels Jansen
Managing Director Benelux, Eurocamp


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