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80% higher CTR for DSM Engineering Materials through geo-targeting and segmentation

With a geo-targeted display campaign, targeting online ads based on geographic locations, we achieved a significantly increased click-through rate (CTR) for DSM Engineering Materials (which is now called Envalior). Combining this with segmentation, we achieved a whopping 80% increase in CTR.

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The challenge

Reaching prospects with personalized content

DSM Engineering Materials supplies high-quality plastics worldwide that are used in automotive, electronics, construction and more.

They came to us asking, "We have a list of prospects we want to approach with a personalized message, how can we do that?"

So a fun account-based marketing challenge!

The solution

Deployment of geo-targeted Display campaign (DV360)

Together with DSM Engineering Materials, we set up a geo-targeted display campaign in DV360. We did this by looking up the addresses of the factories on the lead list to target those addresses with dynamic banners.

We tailored the content of the banners to the interests of the target audience, which we divided into segments. This allowed us, for example, to show an automaker blogs about mobility. And electronics manufacturers blogs about the latest developments in electronics. In this way we ensured extremely high relevance per segment. As a result, the CTR increased by as much as 80%.

With on-page pop-ups on the landing page, we then collected first-party data.

Approach & outcome

Personality and relevance resulting in high CTR

Growth CTR%

Growth conversion%

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The combination of online advertising and marketing automation is invaluable to us. With targeted (account-based) targeting and personalization, we are able to effectively reach and convert global (potential) customers in our B2B market.

Michael Kriek
Michael Kriek
Global Marketing & Communications Manager


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