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Interview Rosalinde Eerenberg, Product Manager, Senior Publications Netherlands

DEA.Amsterdam works for ambitious brands, large and small, on digital marketing campaigns that strengthen customer relationships. In some cases for more than 15 years. For us, convincing proof that we build that same lasting relationship with our own clients.

Since April 2020 we have been doing SEA & Display consultancy, but in the meantime we do much more than that. On a strategic level, we help Senior Publications Netherlands to a higher level.

"The communication is very pleasant and the advice given is clear, lucid and transparent."

Rosalinde Eerenberg, Product Manager, Senior Publications Netherlands


What kind of company is SPN and can you tell us a bit about your position within SPN?
Senior Publications Netherlands (SPN) is the publisher of, among others, Plus Magazine, the largest monthly magazine in the Netherlands. In addition, SPN publishes several other titles such as +Healthy, Plus Puzzles, G-History and various practical guides and books that all target the growing group of people over 50.

As product manager, I am responsible for the online marketing of the various SPN titles. In addition, I am responsible for Plus Magazine's retention program and am involved in setting up interesting joint promotions for our reader campaigns.

Why did you choose to work with DEA.Amsterdam?
We have been working with Ematters for many years. From that relationship, we came in contact with their subsidiary DEA.Amsterdam. We wanted to optimize the Google Ads campaigns of Landleven and Plus and asked DEA.Amsterdam to make an analysis and optimization proposal for both titles. Following this clear analysis and concrete ideas, we decided to work with DEA. The proposal was worked out and implemented.

What do you like about our cooperation?
The communication is very pleasant and the advice given is clear, straightforward and transparent. DEA clearly has a lot of knowledge and actively thinks along to get the most out of our online campaigns. The results speak for themselves.

DEA.Amsterdam is a digital engagement agency: everything is about connection. What kind of connection are your clients looking for? And what digital tools do you use to achieve that?
Through our content, we seek to connect with our target audience. The content of Plus Magazine is characterized by objectivity, authenticity, nuance and depth. All topics are treated from the perspective of the 50-plusser. Through our email campaigns and online advertising campaigns we connect with our target group. By offering high quality content and sending informative newsletters, we stay connected with them.

How has the year gone for you so far? And how are you looking at 2021?
2021 is off to a great start. We noticed a great need for reliable, current and inspiring content among the 50-plus target audience and

we are happy to offer that with our broad portfolio.

A question from a previous interview (Niels Jansen, Eurocamp & Al Fresco): What is your main business objective for 2021:
We have multiple objectives. Regarding online recruitment and the cooperation with DEA, our main objectives are to increase our online engagement and generate new recruits.

Finally, what question would you like to ask next?
In what ways are you increasing your online engagement?